Sell New Mexico Mineral Rights

Wing Resources Purchases Minerals & Royalties in New Mexico

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Wing is buying federal and New Mexico state lease overriding royalty interests (ORRI), fee mineral ownership, and royalties in Lea County and Eddy County. And we’re uniquely positioned to offer you the best possible deal.

Is the state of New Mexico slowing down drilling on your property?

Due to state and federal regulations unique to New Mexico, it can take more than a year to get a permit approved to drill a single oil and gas well. Additionally, since a significant amount of mineral & royalty ownership in New Mexico is on federal or state lands, the

pace of development for your interest is at the mercy of the government.

Instead of waiting on slow and uncertain drilling, followed by a rapid decline in production, allow Wing to accelerate your payout. We can offer a lump sum payment equal to the present value of future development.

We can match or beat any offer

If you have New Mexico royalty ownership, chances are you’ve heard from a lot of companies asking you to sell. Most traditional brokers lack the resources to offer the best up-front deal. At Wing Resources, we are solely capitalized by Natural Gas Partners, who is the industry-leading energy focused private equity firm. This relationship gives Wing Resources the ability to get you the best deal possible.

Next Steps

Wing Resources can get you paid within 15-30 days. This is much faster than you’d get with most traditional brokers and mineral-buyers.

Start the process by getting in touch. Our team will speak to you personally, assess the potential of your assets, and issue a quote with no obligations or fees.