Sell Mineral Rights

Wing Resources is actively purchasing minerals and royalties in the Permian Basin.

How do I sell my mineral rights?

Selling your mineral rights with Wing Resources is a simple and painless process.

If you are reading this, you have most likely already received direct mail from companies offering to buy your minerals. At Wing, we offer the unique ability to speak with you personally about the value of your property. You can speak with a member of our team at any time regarding the true value of your interests. We are the end buyer – not a broker. Our experienced technical team will value your mineral and royalty interests based on the true resource potential of your assets, rather relying on artificial real estate market comparables.

If you are interested in divesting, please contact us:

Sell Mineral Rights

Once we speak with you, we will be able to offer you a quote, free of any obligations or fees. If you decide to sell your minerals, Wing can close

quickly and get you your money within 15-30 days, a much faster closing process than most traditional brokers and mineral-buyers can deliver.

Why should I sell my mineral rights?

If you’re looking to sell your mineral rights in the Permian Basin, we can offer you the best deal in the industry.

Wing Resources is a team of professionals with over 50 combined years of experience in the Permian Basin. We own acreage throughout the Midland and Delaware Basins, including Andrews, Culberson, Glasscock, Howard, Loving, Martin, Midland, Pecos, Reagan, Reeves, Upton, Ward, and Winkler Counties.

Since we have such a large existing stake in the Permian Basin, your acreage may be more valuable when combined with our existing assets than it would otherwise be on its own. For that reason, Wing can offer a lump-sum payment to mineral owners that would take many years, if not decades, to replicate through collection of monthly royalty checks.

Other reasons to sell include:

  • Tax Advantages: Mineral divestiture enables you to take advantage of historically low capital gains tax rates and strategic 1031 property exchanges. For more information on this, see The Benefit of Divesting.
  • Declining Production: Your oil and gas interests are a finite and depleting resource. Production from oil wells will steadily decrease and royalty payments will become smaller and smaller. Horizontal wells in particular experience a drastic decline in production after the first 30 days.
  • Reducing your Timing Risk: Holding on to your mineral rights is a bet that someone will eventually develop your acreage – in reality further development could take many years or may not happen at all, depending on market conditions. Divesting your mineral interests ensures that you are compensated now without future timing risk.
  • Reducing your Oil Price Risk: Price fluctuations in the volatile crude oil market means that the size of your future monthly royalty checks is highly uncertain. By divesting your mineral interests, you eliminate the risk that your future royalty payments are reduced by lower oil prices.
  • Flexibility and Ease: Without having the obligation of managing and confirming your monthly production checks, division orders, and other documents from multiple operators, you will be able to invest your time and your money wherever you please.
  • Diversifying your Investments: Diversification as an investment strategy enables you to increase your exposure to other industries through stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

If you have additional questions about if now is the right time to sell, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.